What is the Tiger Trumpet?

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The Tiger Trumpet is a successful collaboration of brass Instrument designer and manufacturer Rheinsound Music of Beijing and Terry Warburton of the USA. Rheinsound Music is responsible for manufacturing and marketing the instruments. Warburton Music participates in product quality supervision and final inspection of the finished products.

This is the first truly playable plastic (ABS plastic) trumpet manufactured. It may look like a toy but after you play one, you realize that it is indeed a musical instrument.

The parts are meticulously manufactured and assembled in John’s (Qiang Zhong) brass instrument factory by the same skilled people who build the fine line of RheinSound Design trombones and trumpets. John’s experienced team of assemblers is familiar with the precision required to assemble a brass instrument – ensuring that each Tiger Trumpet is built correctly.

Listen to these fine players trying the first prototypes at ITG 2013 and then contact one of the two outlets listed below to purchase your Tiger Trumpet.

They are available exclusively at Warburton Music Products (warburton-usa.com)

Also be sure to visit Rheinsound Music’s web site for many other fine brass instruments.

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